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September 21, 2008

The Inquiring Photographer: Who's responsible for the economic crisis?

The Inquiring Photographer asks:

"Who is responsible for the current Wall Street financial crisis?"

"The money changers at the Temple of Greed. I have overturned their tables."

Barack Obama, Illinois

"The Russians. I can see them through my telescope from Alaska, and the deed was plotted in that room right next to what's obviously Putin's bedroom, if you catch my drift."

Sarah Palin, Alaska

"Franklin Raines, who ran Fannie Mae into the ground, and a bunch of other Big Scary Black Dudes."

John McCain, Arizona

"Too busy campaigning for Obama to give you much detail, but I agree it was the BSBDs."

Hillary Clinton, New York

"It wasn't the Russians, but she can check out my bedroom any time."

Bill Clinton, Arkansas

"I have no idea at all. I'm going home."

Harry Reid, Nevada

"It was a lot of paper money, the Federal Reserve, and the Jewish bankers."

Ron Paul, Alpha Centauri

"Pat Buchanan. Buchanan is responsible for all evil in the world, except when he endorses Obama's policy toward Israel."

Robert Wexler, Florida (Not)

"I'm cool with 'the Jewish bankers.' When the man's right, he's right."

Jeremiah Wright, Flying Spittle


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