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September 03, 2008

Mmmmm, toothpaste!

Are you frustrated because your toothpaste always seems to come in exactly two flavors -- mint and, uh, mint? (Three, for you extremists out there who use baking-soda-flavored toothpaste.)

Never fear. The folks at InventorSpot have exactly the concept for you: Pork-flavored toothpaste. Yes, pork. The other white meat.

Some of you may be aware that pork is not, technically speaking (and you'll excuse me for being so picky), kosher. But since some enterprising souls have been working on ways to make household equipment that orthodox Jews can use on shabbat, I'm confident that their collective wisdom and creativity can be put to the use of making pork-flavored toothpaste that is kosher. I'm thinking imitation pork flavoring. I mean, I've eaten vegetarian pork before, so this shouldn't be very difficult.

Now, building on the InventorSpot concept should be easy. We have a political campaign going on, and I intend to recommend a new flavor of toothpaste for the Democratic ticket, at least the part at the top.


Mmmmm. You can almost taste it, can't you? And it's not so expensive at Whole Foods.