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September 28, 2008


I don't usually write about nice things people have written about me. This is not because I suffer from undue modesty, mind you. It's because people don't write nice things about me.

So I was a little surprised to learn that Steve Heller, who writes for Print magazine -- apparently a graphic design publication -- cites me favorably in his blog, The Daily Heller. There, he writes about photo comics, which he says have popped up during the presidential campaign:

Fumettis (from the Italian word for comics) a.k.a. photo comics, especially the romance genre, have long been a popular in Mexico and South America where they are known as fotonovelas. During this presidential election year they are popping up in North America, particularly the non-romance genre. In yesterday's New York Post Governor Sarah Palin was the protagonist in "The Adventures of Sarah Palin" or "Here's what a hockey mom MIGHT have said if she hadn't been properly briefed by handlers..."
(Heller has the links at his post; I just haven't incorporated them in the segment I'm quoting.) Then, he goes on to cite Pillage Idiot, believe it or not.

But she's not alone: On the non-partisan political satire blog "Pillage Idiot" the classic fumetti form has made a dramatic comeback. See Messers Bush and Putin here; John McCain here; and Big Bill Clinton here.
Heller's being generous when he says I have a "non-partisan political satire blog." That description rather elevates what I do here. And calling me "non-partisan" is far more polite than what most people call me. I do try to make fun of all sides, but I don't exactly strive for balance.

But I don't mean to quibble. I'm really flattered to be included as an purveyor of this genre, by someone who writes about graphics, no less.

As they say, thanks for the link. And I really mean that.