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May 15, 2008

The Woodstock of the 21st century?

I was in New York City today, and I back now, so regrettably I won't be there on Sunday to see the first Veggie Pride Parade through Greenwich Village, which I read about in the NY Sun.

In a kind of irrational exuberance I attribute to an out-of-control PR team, organizers are referring to this as the "Woodstock of the 21st Century." Or perhaps I should say "organizer" -- a woman with the very veggie-appropriate name, Pamela Rice. "Give Peas a Chance," she's saying. (That's not my joke; it's hers.)

If you're in the New York area on Sunday, I recommend you go there to watch the festivities, even if they're not quite Woodstockian in scope. Here's a sampling:

After speeches and awards for best slogan and costume, the afternoon will culminate in a wedding of two mascots: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’s orange-clad Chris P. Carrot will marry VivaVegie Society’s 7-foot-tall Penelo Pea Pod. Ms. Rice said Chris P. Carrot was "finally settling down." She mused whether the pair would need a marriage license.
Whatever you do on Sunday, don't miss the music.
One specially prepared tune will be "Get Your Green On," which she described as a rock song with a "funk disco vibe." The official song for the event, it begins: "I like vegetables/ I like fruits/ Their sexy colors/ And their healthy attributes."
If you think this kind of wackiness can't be topped, I'd advise you to consider what the marchers might be chanting as they march: "What do we want? Vegan options in our schools! When do we want it? Now!" It's got a certain rhythm to it, doesn't it?

But please, do cut them some slack. I remind you, beer is vegan.

UPDATE (5/19): A follow-up.