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May 12, 2008

Not enough and too much

Don't blame me for mentioning this plastic-surgery stuff. Blame ABC News (which assigned it to its "ABC News Medical Unit"). And Fark.

Before you click on the first link, read all the way through. Here's the key paragraph from the ABC News report:

"Every night I was taking three extra-strength Tylenol because my back was hurting so bad, and by the middle of the night I'd be sore again," she recalls. "I wasn't sleeping because I was hurting so badly. And in the morning I had to get two children together and get myself ready for work. And I'd get to work, and by two my back hurt so badly I could barely sit at my desk and work."
This is the way ABC News tries to make a serious story out of all of this. And I hope you'll excuse the gratuitous photo that ABC News has placed strategically near the top of the first page.

Oh, yeah, in order to get my flurry of Google hits, two words: Sheyla Hershey. They happen to be the first two words of the ABC News article, so it turns out even the big guys are trying to suck in traffic.

UPDATE: Oh, my! I just read this, and that last line is awful. I didn't mean it that way. Really. The big guys are folks like ABC News, and suck in traffic means writing about things that will pull in links and hits from search engines.