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May 19, 2008

Follow-up: The Woodstock of the 21st century

If the New York Times article is accurate, yesterday's vegetarian march in New York did not turn out to be the Woodstock of the 21st Century, as its organizer claimed it would.

But at least there was no violence.

The parade’s participants wended their way peacefully through Greenwich Village to Washington Square Park, led by a seven-foot-tall pea pod and an outsize carrot, who would later marry onstage in a faux ceremony. A giant pink replica of a human colon, replete with polyps and a sullied colostomy bag, brought up the rear.
That's funny; usually it's the gluteus maximus that brings up the rear. Anyway, it was supposed to be a celebration, but somehow, these guys are always the victim.
The parade arrived at Washington Square Park about 1 p.m. Vegan jerky sticks were passed about, and a costume competition was held. One of the winners was Bex Vargas, an artist who lives in Queens and was dressed as a head of broccoli. Ms. Vargas, 26, had brought the costume in a bag. Once offstage, she admitted that she was exhausted and yearned to go home, but feared that her costume would invite harassment on the subway. "I don’t know if I’ll even fit through the turnstile," she said.
But for me, the highlight was the appearance of vegetarian Bernie "Make My Day" Goetz appealing for kindness to animals: "Mr. Goetz said he lamented people's 'distant, shallow and bad' attitudes toward animals. 'The world is a deader place because of mankind's relationship with animals,' he said."

Thus, the image of the day, from the Times's site:

The caption reads: "Bernard Goetz, right, who was known as a subway vigilante in ’84, helping a fellow vegetarian." How dumb does the Times think we are if it feels it has to tell us which one is which?