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September 03, 2007

The reverse of love

Another thing I noticed on my drive back home was that on I-95, there were several overpasses in Maryland, northeast of Baltimore, that had Ron Paul signs on them.

I've occasionally thought about doing a photo comic involving Ron Paul, but there's nothing really funny about him. Even Hillary, as dreadful as she is, has become funny -- or, at least, a good target for humor. Not Ron Paul, although admittedly, I used him -- along with about a dozen others -- in a couple of Inquiring Photographer pieces I did over the summer. He's sort of a one-trick pony, I'd say.

Anyway, the signs I saw said, in blue writing, "Ron Paul Revolution," with the letters "evol" in "revolution" in red and written backwards, so that if you were driving away as fast as your little car would carry you from a Ron Paul supporter, as any sensible human being would do, you would see in your rear view mirror the word "love." Get it? (Of course, the words "Ron Paul" would be backwards, but I'm sure he'd wear that as a badge of honor.)

It looked like this, only with blue writing:

I have to say that, from what I've seen of the online behavior of the supporters of Ron Paul -- I mean, "Dr. Paul" -- love is not the first emotion I would associate with them. Maybe anger, but certainly not love. Maybe that's why the word "love" is written in mirror image.

Or maybe it's like the word "AMBULANCE" that is written in mirror image so that drivers will pull over and let it pass as the Ron-Paul-mobile speeds to the base of the burning World Trade Center towers to collect evidence that it wasn't two hijacked airliners that crashed into the buildings. (Sorry, I'm being unfair. He only gave a couple of interviews to the Truthers on their radio show. He doesn't actually agree with them.)

Perhaps someone can give me a straight explanation of this LOVE sign. I mean, just for curiosity's sake.

And by "someone," I don't necessarily mean the little buggers themselves.