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September 04, 2007

The abortive Pillage Idiot store

I've told you a number of times that because I consider Pillage Idiot to be a hobby, my goal is not only to spend no money but also to make no money. Hence, no ads, ever.

In keeping with this goal, I set up a store at Cafe Press, at which I hoped you'd be able to buy a few Pillage Idiot things at no markup. You know, the base price at which Cafe Press sells the stuff. I designed a mug and a tee-shirt (and sweatshirt).

The mug has these images on it.

The shirts and sweatshirt have an image I created by combining the first six frames of my first Hillary photo comic. It looks like this:

I didn't post this until I'd seen for myself how they looked. I ordered a tee-shirt and a mug, and they look pretty awful. I found Cafe Press's site almost totally useless in helping you see what your products were going to look like.

In the past, I ordered Pillage Idiot mugs from a different place, and they looked very good. Has anyone had better success with Cafe Press? Or should I go back to the other guys?