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September 19, 2007

Just in time for the Olympics

Just in time for the Olympics, the first Hooters Restaurant is opening in Beijing. (via Fark) If you want to try to make this a serious story, here's what you do:

And now, with the opening of its 435th branch in Beijing, Hooters is now being touted as a barometer for globalization.
But, of course, the story is as far from serious as possible. Hence this photo, which accompanies the article:

You remember how hard it is to translate names into Chinese? Consider this: "In Beijing, 'Hooters' simply means 'owl,' but that doesn't mean the point goes overlooked." (Especially in a country in which that portion of the body has been growing.)

Which, I suppose is really the point, after all: "When one Hooters patron was asked whether he preferred the food or the waitstaff, he answered, 'The girls better than the food.'"