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September 12, 2007

Modern science

Don't blame me for writing about this topic. This is science: "Bras Don't Support Bouncing Breasts, Study Finds" (via HotAir)

The LiveScience site on which the article appears even has a photo intended to prove it's science. A woman in a jogging outfit on a treadmill has pompoms all over her strategic regions. The caption says the pompoms are sensors. Also proving this is science, there's a woman in the photo standing by, looking scientific, and writing something on a booklet of some kind. I think it's the eyeglasses that demonstrate that she's a scientist.

More evidence that this is science comes from the fact that the BBC has an article about it.

Finally, I have no idea what the site News-Medical.Net is, except that it's obviously British, but the following line confirming this is science appears on that site: "The Portsmouth team are studying the biomechanics of breasts during exercise and other activities to better understand the stresses and forces involved."

If only Einstein had studied this topic, instead of wasting his time on the general theory of relativity. . . . But as a man, he plainly viewed "the study of breasts in relation to exercise [as] something of a joke."