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September 20, 2007

Those pressing Jewish issues

I'm starting to sound like a broken record -- if anyone remembers what a record is. I'm not talking about Hank Aaron's recently broken homerun record, either.

I'm sick of talking about how Jewish groups seems concerned about anything but real Jewish issues, but I'm afraid I have to talk about that once again. I'll keep it short.

You know the story: Bush has nominated a former federal judge, Michael Mukasey, to be his Attorney General. Mukasey is an orthodox Jew.

In an article about the nomination published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, there is considerable discussion about Mukasey's record on terrorism. Which makes sense. This is an important part of his background.

But here comes one of my old favorites, Marc Stern of the American Jewish Congress:

The focus [on terrorism] concerned Stern, who noted that the Justice Department's bailiwick is much broader than terrorism.

"He's a cipher on abortion, he's a cipher on civil rights, he's a cipher on all the hot-button issues that move the administration's base," Stern said.
Never mind terrorism, which is the most important issue facing this country -- and, for that matter, that country of no real interest to Jews, Israel. Never mind terrorism; what does this orthodox Jew think about "Jewish issues" like abortion?

I suspect the JTA never actually spoke to the real Marc Stern. Some prankster called in and pretended to be Stern. And did a heck of a good job.