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December 04, 2006

Writing it in

I've always felt that the ballot write-in was one of our greatest rights. If we don't like the candidates we've been offered, we can offer our own. Sure, they won't win, but we're just expressing our First Amendment right to tell it to the Man. (This is why I'm still angry at the Supreme Court for rejecting a challenge to Hawaii's law barring write-ins. It was almost 15 years ago, but I have a long memory.)

This year, I wrote in a friend for State Senate, because the Republicans in Montgomery County are so pathetic they couldn't even field a candidate. It was only fair, because he wrote me in for Congress back in the days when "Commie" Morella was our representative.

Now, it turns out, Allah over at HotAir was written in for Senator from New York under his full name "Allah Pundit." He's tied for dead last with a lot of interesting people, including Hugo Chavez. And if the fat man can't even get more than one vote, what kind of corrupt dictator is he?