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December 27, 2006

Talkin' nekkid

When my wife had her first job out of law school, one of the other lawyers in the office placed a business call to her from a hotel bathtub. And you wonder why she left the job within the year?

At the Sun (the Brit tabloid, not the tabloid wannabe in Baltimore), we now have the latest excuse to show a photo of a woman in her underwear: "Talk talk naked" (via Fark)

An utterly bogus survey showing that "49 per cent of 600 people questioned were happy to use the phone in their birthday suit" and that women were "more likely than men to go au naturel - 40 per cent of men bare all while chatting, compared to 57 per cent of women."

And 38 percent of statistics are entirely made up.

Here's a puzzler: Men are "more likely than women to be found speaking to friends of the opposite sex." Hmmmmmmm. To speak to a friend of the opposite sex, it requires involvement of both a man and a woman. So how are men more likely to speak to women than women are to men? Unless many men are speaking to the same woman. Which doesn't sound like a recipe for happiness.