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December 10, 2006

The Big Cheese

Suppose you were minding your own business at work and there was a knock on your door. You said, "Come in," and the door opened, and there was The Big Cheese. And I don't mean your boss. Or even your boss's boss. I mean the head of your whole freakin' organization. And The Big Cheese was there with an aide and a photographer.

This actually happened to me on Friday. It was a surprise but not a shock, because I'm on a different hallway from nearly my entire office, and The Big Cheese had already visited the rest of the people in my office.

The first thing TBC said to me was, "Do you deserve victory?" After a second of confusion, I remembered that I had a postcard next to my door with the famous poster of Churchill and the motto "Deserve Victory!" I said, "I hope so."

I was standing behind my desk -- I use a separate standing desk for my computer -- and TBC strode over toward me and we shook hands. The photographer took a picture.

I then told TBC, "We went to law school together." This made TBC appear a little nervous. After re-checking my name on the door, TBC said, "Did we know each other in law school?" I replied that we didn't -- I was a year ahead. TBC seemed relieved to confirm that I wasn't someone who should have been remembered and asked whether I'd participated in intramural sports there. I told TBC that I hadn't but that I'd helped with the law school show (which is an annual musical comedy poking fun at the law school experience).

The photographer took a second photo, and TBC said, "I want to thank you for the work you're doing." I thanked TBC, who promptly left.

I was glad I don't follow the "casual Friday" dress code. I was wearing suit pants, a white shirt, and a tie -- which just seemed more appropriate to a visit from TBC. My colleague next door was fretting that her photo was going to show her in "ratty" clothes.