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December 18, 2006

The return of B2?

I'm glad to see, over at Toner Mishap, which I consider one of the greatest blog names ever, that B2 has been posting occasionally of late. He announced in October 2005 that he was more or less giving up posting at the blog and has re-appeared only once in a while.

If you were around here back in July 2005, you may recall that B2 guest-blogged for me while I was in Israel. I want to squib a few of his new posts at Toner Mishap, so you'll understand why I'm a big fan of his.

1. The Doll That Poops In Her Pants

My wife and I rejoiced this year when our youngest made it out of diapers -- rejoiced, I say! But the joke was on us, because for Hanukkah my mother-in-law bought for her the Hasbro Baby Alive Doll -- the doll that poops in her pants. For full disclosure, I should point out that she only poops if you feed her first, which we are swearing never to do.
2. Automatic whoopee cushion
I am pleased to announce the latest prank gadget to hit the stores, something so marvelous I compare it to the original snakes-in-a-can or disappearing-ink-pen: the automatic whoopee cushion. It solves the age-old problem: how do you effectively and quickly reset your whoopee cushion for maximum fun potential?
3. Kids Love the Taste of Santa's Sack This one you'll have to see for yourself.

I've been trying to identify what it is that makes me seem immature when I do stuff like that but makes B2 seem like just a guy who enjoys life. If you can explain it, please help me out.