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December 28, 2006

No f***ing Zito?

Well, Barry Zito has signed with the San Francisco Giants after a couple of months of tantalizing the Mets.

Zito is an above average, though not great, pitcher. You'd be happy to have him as a number 2 starter and ecstatic to have him as a number 3.

But $126 freakin' million over seven years? No way!

The Mets were hoping to reel him in at 5 years and $75 mil. A lot of fans think the team was putting all its eggs in the Zito basket instead of preparing a Plan B. I don't know. Losing him is a disappointment, but it's far from the end of the world. And there's still time for a deal.

By the way: The title of this post is based on one the quotations here. I'm kind of surprised no one else seems to have thought of it. [UPDATE: More context for the quotation.]