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December 12, 2006

I'll shed no tears for WGMS

Supposedly, classical music fans are up in arms over the plan to sell WGMS in Washington, a classical music station, to Dan Snyder so he can broadcast even more Redskins stuff. All Redskins all the time.

I'm sorry if I can't get worked up over this. WGMS is an awful station. It's not just that it's moved to a weaker frequency. It's that WGMS programs classical music as if we were all a bunch of uneducated morons who use it as background music at work. The station regularly plays a single movement of a multi-movement piece, doesn't announce the performers, limits its programming to "safe" music, invites congressmen to program an hour of time, has advertising geared to the rich geriatric crowd, and I could go on.

My advice: Get a decent FM radio and listen to WBJC in Baltimore, which is a far better classical station. Or listen to CDs.