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December 12, 2006

If, instead of a lying, thieving bureaucrat who presided over the deaths of millions, Kofi Annan were a dried apricot

Kofi Annan: The prune always wants to go it alone. Besotted as it is, the prune thinks it can singlehandedly solve every problem and clear up all the world's blockages that have lasted for centuries. Whenever it acts, the prune risks sacrificing its ideals in the process. The prune must engage with the rest of the compote -- the apricots, peaches, and especially the raisins, who, though small in appearance, represent the majority of the fruits. And we, as fruits, must protect each other. We must act together to affirm the rule of law and, when necessary, to stop the prune from trying to dominate, all the while engaging in abuses of power, torture, and other war crimes. *

(Apologies to Jeff Goldstein)