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December 04, 2006

Public service announcement -- I

I've been lax in announcing the new members of the Maryland Blogger Alliance as they've joined, so let me take this moment to introduce the five newest members:

1. blogger1947, who goes by the name Stan M, and says on his blog: "If I were forced to choose only two words to describe myself, they would be 'embarrassing loudmouth.'" I think it's a joke, but go over there and judge for yourself.

2. Jousting for Justice, run by Stephanie Dray, the Alliance's most flaming lefty progressive member. She and I rarely agree on politics, but she's got a great blog, including a really spiffy design.

3. the voltage gate, an enterprise of Jeremy Bruno, "non-traditional biology/writing major working through my senior year." tvg is a science blog -- yes, science. Deal with it.

4. The Howard County Maryland Blog, which focuses, surprisingly enough, on Howard County, Maryland. It's run by David Keelan and several others, which means that you'll always find a lot of material there.

5. Last but certainly not least is The Hedgehog Report, a well known Maryland blog written by David Wissing, who really needs no introduction from me.