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November 23, 2005

They recounted again in Ohio

John Kerry has finished serving on a civil jury, which elected him as foreman. He got one fellow juror to switch her vote -- in last year's election, I mean, not in the trial.

"I just found him to be a knowledgeable, normal person," said Cynthia Lovell, a nurse and registered Republican who says she now regrets voting for President Bush in last year's election. "He kept us focused. He wanted us all to have our own say."
And he got the respect of the unsuccessful plaintiff's attorney.
"I think he's a very intelligent man, and I've had respect for everything he's accomplished," said Fortier, who voted for Bush.
With a few more votes like those in Massachusetts, of all places, Kerry's a lock for 2008.

(Via Hugh Hewitt, who I'm pleased to report has stopped flacking for Harriet Miers)