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November 20, 2005

fee simple: And You Thought Being a Terrorist Was Easy

Strategy Page reports: “Headaches Running Terrorist Organizations in Iraq.”

The enemy in Iraq is generally poorly trained, sloppy and led by unimaginative men. * * * But when properly motivated (often by fear for what will happen to their families), the enemy will make daring (and often suicidal) attacks.

* * *

The big problem with the enemy is getting their fighters motivated. For the last two years, the Sunni Arab leadership has used a combination of money, and promises of a return to the “good old days” (with Sunni Arabs in control of the oil money) once the Americans are driven out.

* * *

However, the last two years has been a time of constant defeat. Now, with American and Iraqi troops moving through the Sunni Arab heartland at will, and aggressively seeking terrorists, many more Sunni Arabs have given up.

Perhaps the terrorists would benefit from listening to motivational-speaker tapes by distinguished Americans like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and John P. Murtha.

Note: Attila has advised me to include “Posted by Fee Simple” in any of my posts so I receive proper credit. Actually, I’d prefer to receive anonymity, but here goes:

Posted by Fee Simple who will -- if pressed -- claim that Karl Rove forced him to type the foregoing using a Lord of the Sith mind control technique.