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November 29, 2005

Pension chicks

As long as we're talking tonight about women showing some flesh in unexpected places (like at the chess table), I have to point out that they're also showing it in the health section of the Washington Post. Huh? you say. Well, you're absolutely right.

The article in the Post's health section discusses the plight of flight attendents whose pensions from United Airlines are not secure. Some of these women have put together a calendar called "Stewardesses Stripped (of their Pension?)" (link reasonably SFW) to complain about a crisis in the pension system. For those of you who are unsure whether to click on the link at work, let me quote the promotional materials: "This is a 14 page calendar, each page is a 9 x 12 full color picture in high resolution. All pages are high quality heavy weight gloss paper and professionally printed. This Calendar does not contain nudity. The following sample photos are low resolution and do not reflect the high quality in the calendar. You won't be disappointed !!"

So what is an article featuring a calendar of semi-clothed flight attendants doing in the health section of the Post? Here's the logic of the placement:

1. Flight attendants have concerns about their pensions.

2. They create a semi-nude calendar in the hope of attracting attention to their concerns. ("Are your butts covered ? We thought ours were too !")

3. To avoid pension problems, people are probably going to have to work longer.

4. To work longer, people will have to be healthier.

5. Therefore, an article about a semi-nude calendar belongs in the health section.


Now that we've solved the missing link, what I'm looking for is a cut of the profits.