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November 15, 2005

Columbia Journalism Review mocks Pillage Idiot

You know you've reached the pinnacle of . . . well, whatever, when the Columbia Journalism Review mocks you.

What appears to be the blog of the CJR has a post called "Anagram Wars" about anagrams for Samuel Alito's name. It mentions Hendrik Hertzberg's anagram (I am a sellout) and James Taranto's anagram (a litmus aloe) and notes:

Over the past week, both anagrams have spread through the back corridors of the Internet. Along the way, the Alito anagram has become a sort of litmus test of its own -- with the appearance of Taranto's anagram tending to signal a Web site's conservative bona fides, and vice versa with Hertzberg's.
Then, referring to Pillage Idiot and another blogger as "laptop pundits" (even though I don't use a laptop), it says about us:
The Pillage Idiot gave Alito's letters a whirl: "Justice Samuel Alito = usual ice jams toilet." Or alternatively, "Samuel A. Alito, Jr. = jealous marital = a jail's male tour."

In the meantime, Cerulean Blue posted an item, titled "Instead Of Useful Political Commentary, I Offer Pointless Anagrams." One of the highlights: "Samuel Anthony Alito" equals "A hen oils my aunt a lot."
And, of course, the CJR can't end without a smart-ass remark:
Congrats to one and all for mastering those Internet anagram generators. Too bad the letters of Alito's name can't be rearranged to spell, "Get a life, guys!"
Which, of course, is ridiculous. Who spent the time trolling the blogosphere for Alito anagrams? Not I.

I merely point out that the letters of "Get a life, guys!" can be rearranged to spell:

Gee, fat is ugly


I lay egg/fetus

So there!

UPDATE: Taranto weighs in, complaining that "we had the 'sellout' anagram on Nov. 3, four days before Hertzberg." He doesn't mention my anagrams for "Get a life, guys!" but he asks, "Hey Felix, who's more of a loser, someone who comes up with anagrams or someone who writes about someone who comes up with anagrams?"

Speaking of being merely less of a loser than the CJR writer, here are some more anagrams for "Get a life, guys!":

guilty gas fee
if gal eyes gut
ye futile gags
easy glue gift
Yale fetus gig