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February 08, 2005

PC Police

No, I'm not talking about the folks who enforce political correctness. What I'm referring to is the sad tendency of law enforcement to avoid naming the true reasons for crime when those reasons are not PC.

Daniel Pipes gives the details, starting with the murder of the Armanious family, the Egyptian Coptic immigrants, in Jersey City.

The authorities, however, have blinded themselves to the extensive circumstantial evidence, insisting that “no facts at this point” substantiate a religious motive for the murders.

Somehow, the prosecutor missed that all four members of this quiet family were savagely executed in the ritualistic Islamist way (multiple knife attacks and near-beheading); that Jersey City has a record of Islamist activism and jihadi violence; and that an Islamist website,, carried multiple threats against Hossam Armanious (“we are going to track you down like a chicken and kill you”).

Law enforcement seems more concerned to avoid an anti-Muslim backlash than to find the culprits.
The trouble is that this is not an isolated instance. And Pipes's article produces the goods. It's a chilling read.