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February 14, 2005

Go jump

Via LGF (with photos):

Some neo-Nazis held a commemoration (in German, Gedenken) on the 60th anniversary of the allied bombing of Dresden in 1945. (From my perspective, it's a shame the Germans surrendered before the A-Bomb was ready.)

Some more decent Germans held a counter-protest and held a sign that said "Geh, denken" (Go, think). The caption to the photo points out the wordplay on Gedenken vs. Geh, denken.

That's High German, of course. There's also Low German. And let's not forget Yiddish. Had the counter-protesters' sign been in Yiddish, I would have suggested "Gey kocken offen yam" -- a totally vulgar phrase that means (politely translated) "Go, poop in the ocean." It would have been much more appropriate, if you ask me.

UPDATE (2/16): Pronunciation note: "yam" is not pronounced like the sweet potato; it's more like "yahm." And "gey" is pronounced like "homosexual."