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February 08, 2005

More TSA madness

When the Transportation Security Administration is not busy groping lawyers, it is busy not plugging security loopholes. If some chump editor of Slate is able to figure out how a terrorist could slip through security using the "internet check-in" process, if his insight is confirmed by an air security expert, and if a TSA official basically acknowledges this loophole and insists that the usual screening would pick up terrorists despite the loophole, you know we have a problem.

And before anyone complains that I'm being unfair in referring to the editor as a "chump," let me say this: I don't mean it in a bad way. As he himself wrote, "It's a loophole so obvious, it occurred to me the first time I held it in my hand. And believe me, if I can figure it out, any terrorist worth his AK-47 realized it a long time ago."