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February 16, 2005


Bear with me on this one.

Yesterday, I noticed this announcement from the State Department: Rice names Reiss

Press Statement
Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Washington, DC
February 14, 2005

Reappointment of Mitchell B. Reiss as Special Envoy for Northern Ireland

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced today that Mitchell B. Reiss will continue in his role as the Special Envoy of the President and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland after his departure from his position as the Secretary’s Director of Policy Planning.

Continuing as Special Envoy, Ambassador Reiss will be able to build on his distinguished record of service supporting the peace process in Northern Ireland. The United States will continue to support actively the efforts of the people of Northern Ireland to secure a better future.
Released on February 14, 2005
Don't write to tell me that Reiss is pronounced "Reese" instead of "Rice" (if it is), because I don't want to know.

And while they're not exactly "separated at birth," we'll still go with the photos.