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January 02, 2007

Where's Obama?

Where's Obama? Probably right under our noses.

But this is to laugh.

(via HotAir) If Teddy Kennedy can't keep them straight, why do you expect CNN to? And CNN has now apologized -- out of the mouth of Wolf Blitzer (a/k/a Larry King).

But they're absolutely furious over at DailyKos. Furious. And livid, too.

It's sad, but there really used to be a time when I'd have chalked that up to simple human error. But the fact of the matter is, Obama scares the hell out of the machine, simply because of the passion which people feel for him.

Between this and Jeff Greenfield's funny-ha-ha-attack, maybe Obama has a case for character defamation or some such thing?
Raw Story has this observation:
While some noted the proximity of the program to New Year's Eve might have resulted in sleepy graphic artists at the cable network, others insisted that the 'B' and 'S' keys are far from one another on the keyboard, making a mere typographical error unlikely. Instead, they saw an anti-Obama bias in the news media as the source of the CNN graphic.
More from the sinestrosphere. Shakespeare's Sister:
My only question is: How fucking stupid are the assholes at CNN? (Don't answer; it's rhetorical.) No one noticed the mistake in the graphic before it went to air? Blitzer didn't notice on air? What a barrel of idiot monkeys that joint has become. Sheesh.
Hey, it's hard to disagree with that.

arse poetica:
I'm putting on my tinfoil hat for this one. I don't trust CNN any further than I can throw 'em.
TPM Muckraker:
For those CNN-watchers keeping score at home, that's two comparison of likely presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama's (D-IL) name to Saddam Hussein's, one to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and now three to Osama bin Laden's name.
What are these networks so afraid of? If you don't like Barack Obama, that's one thing, but character assassination is another thing. Why not give Obama the opportunity to at least declare for the presidency and have some healthy debate before you attempt to knock him out.
And, naturally, the DU:
There are proofreaders and editors galore because things must be checked and double checked to ensure that what is being reported is factual. This was not a typo. Not a mistake. CNN is the sleazy right wing swiftboat liar style organization. One of them, anyway.
I love hearing lefties refer to CNN as right-wing. It's kind of like those epic battles between the Stalinists and the Trotskyists over who was progressive and who was reactionary. And it neglects the obvious explanation -- that everyone's got Obama on the brain. If you haven't noticed the media's collective O-gasm over the past month or two, you must have been on vacation.

So I'm perfectly willing to believe it was a stupid mistake. Now, if I'm wrong about that, which is entirely possible, we should look for the next simplest explanation: "Cherchez la femme!" We wingnuts used to call CNN the "Clinton News Network." I would advise my colleagues on the left to look into possible involvement by supporters of Hillary. Who's Obama's main rival now, if he decides to run for president? Cui bono? Right?