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January 30, 2007

Fat, aging hippies

Earlier this month, when discussing the "impeach on the beach" event and other protests, I used the term "fat, aging hippies" to refer to the participants, and I said they were Nancy Pelosi's base.

One commenter took me to task, saying:

Aging and fat describes a good percentage of the population, you fool! If you want to disrespect someone for being a hippy, I suppose that's your choice, but you're not going to make any friends putting down old or fat folks.

Guess what? YOU'LL BE OLD ONE DAY! And it's amazing how even the skinniest folks get fat when they get older.
I responded that the Post's front-page article on the anti-war protest in Washington began thus: "A raucous and colorful multitude of protesters, led by some of the aging activists of the past, staged a series of rallies and a march on the Capitol yesterday to demand that the United States end its war in Iraq."

Now, I have even more evidence that my characterization was fair. From Human Events:
"A man could make a fortune selling Geritol to these people."

Capitalist stooge that I am, that was my first reaction upon reaching the Washington Mall last Saturday to observe tens of thousands of demonstrators rally against the war in Iraq.

Expecting a healthy turnout of idealistic youths, I was surprised to find that the crowd was comprised predominantly of middle-aged '60s throwbacks looking to recapture the glory days of the jarring folk music, campus occupations, and general social chaos that accompanied the Vietnam War. When the Raging Grannies showed up, it was hard to distinguish them from the rest of the crowd.
(Via HotAir)

So, sure, there's aging and hippie, but where's my proof of "fat"? Just my one protester. But I don't need proof, since my commenter has conceded that "even the skinniest folks get fat when they get older."

As I am painfully aware, myself.