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January 09, 2007

Sorry about the Blogger outage

I apologize for the outage earlier today. Google was doing maintenance, so they say, on Old Blogger. I guess that gives me an answer to my question the other day about whether to switch from Old to New.

I'm a little ticked off about the timing, though. Why at this time of the day? For one thing, it's early/mid morning on the West Coast but late morning/early afternoon on the East Coast. How about during the overnight period instead? For another thing, I've been getting well above average traffic since yesterday. (All you need to do, apparently, is to write about naked parties at big-name Eastern colleges.) So a 2-1/2 hour dead zone, when no one can access my site, really stinks. I know it's stupid to worry about my site stats, when it's mostly visitors who won't return, but we're all fixated on that.

Anyway, as I've said more than once, you get what you pay for.