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January 18, 2007

Jewish enemies, Jewish friends

It used to be that Jews knew who their enemies were. They were the people who hung around to beat them up. In the Weekly Standard, Irwin Stelzer recalls that time in his childhood on the Lower East Side. He concludes with a suggestion that American Jews lighten up a bit:

So fret not over minor problems like whose symbol gets displayed on the lawn in front of city hall. Or what a Wal-Mart greeter says as you shop among the output of China for a Christmas or Chanukah gift. We've come a long way, Baby, if that's all we have to worry about in this country. And if you doubt me, consider the nervousness of Jewish parents in many European countries where it is now dangerous for their children to cut through the park on their way to school.
He could equally have pointed out that our current enemies may not try to beat us up physically, just verbally. If you haven't been paying attention to Jimmy Carter's latest atrocity, maybe you should start. And you can try the comments to this blog post at Huffington Post (via HotAir), where the anti-Zionism cavorts freely with the anti-semitism, as it so often does. I pick this simply as a recent example, not as the worst.

And to my fellow American Jews, I say, These are your "friends" on the Left.