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January 21, 2007

Impeach Governor O'Malley

[UPDATE (2/14): Some participants at a Baltimore Sun news forum seem to think this is a serious post. The snow incident is real, and it annoyed me, but my suggestion that the governor be impeached is meant to be a joke. I thought that was obvious. I also don't mean to suggest that Governor O'Malley is personally monitoring my blog. That's a joke, too. But someone from somewhere in the state government did come here, and the screencap from Sitemeter is real. Yeah, I know: zero seconds. That's a quirk with the free version of Sitemeter. Really, you guys need to stop taking things so seriously.]

Governor Martin O'Malley has held office for four days now, and I think we should start discussing his impeachment. It's never too soon.

We had a minor snowstorm in Maryland today but with outsized consequences, especially for the Attila family. Mrs. Attila and our daughter were scheduled to fly out of town from BWI airport on a college visit. So I got them in the Attilamobile and began driving. The roads were horrendous, especially I-95 from the Capital Beltway heading north. Maryland DOT, which by the way reports to Gov. O'Malley, was nowhere to be seen. No salting, no sanding, no nothing. And needless to say, there were numerous accidents, and traffic was at a crawl. And I mean a crawl -- 5 MPH or worse for extended periods on a road with a posted speed limit of 65 MPH. Although we had left a lot of time to reach the airport, it soon became clear that we didn't have a snowball's chance in Maryland of making it. At about Exit 35 or so, my wife cancelled the flight and the hotel, and we turned back home. Elapsed time: 2-3/4 hours. Distance traveled: About 50 miles.

Is it possible that Gov. O'Malley can't find his way around the governor's mansion? Or maybe he's snowed in to his bedroom?

Meanwhile, his DOT is blaming the victims: "David Buck, a spokesman for the State Highway Administration, said most of the accidents could be blamed on people driving too fast for winter weather." Wrong! If anything, people were driving too slowly, thanks to Gov. O'Malley's DOT.

So I say, Let's impeach the bum. Why wait for O'Malley to do something really bad?

And if this post doesn't get me an angry comment from Stephanie (who's probably the governor's biggest supporter after his wife) and possibly a major Joust-alanche, I'll have to come up with a better idea.

UPDATE (1/22): Well, the good news is that at least it wasn't like this.

UPDATE (1/22): Also, I'd like to welcome a visitor from our state's capital. Hello, Governor!