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January 11, 2007


My sometime guest-blogger, fee simple, hasn't posted in a while, but he emailed me this morning as follows. (I made a couple of minor changes to protect our pseudonymity.)

Attila, I enjoyed your latest installment on the Cucumber People.

Here is a link to a Fox News story about which is some new web search site designed for quote old unquote people over 50.

According to the article, "Our research found that people 50 and over are confused about searching on the Web," said Taylor, who runs Eons, a Boston-based startup devoted to creating products aimed at the graying baby-boom generation born from 1946 through 1964. "It's hard for them to understand all the results.",2933,243042,00.html

I was curious (not confused) but I looked at the Cranky site, anyway.

The top ten searches today are:
Top 10 searches today, updated regularly

1. brain builders
2. jobs after retirement
3. work from home
4. body mass index
5. make new friends
6. elderhostel
7. blogs
8. reiki
9. stephen king
10. sex

You must be gratified that the "over 50" crowd is more interested in blogs than in sex.

You may want to revise your blog posts away from stories about cucumbers and more towards ones about shuffleboard.
So I went and checked out the site. Sure enough, here is an image of the top 10 list.

But Cranky is such a beastly name. Why didn't they just call it "Geezer"?