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January 26, 2007


I've been avoiding the switchover to New Blogger, because, as my mammy used to say, If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or maybe that was someone else's mammy. I don't know.

So I went to sign in today and discovered that Blogger wanted to "migrate" me (is migrate a transitive verb?) to New Blogger. There was no way around it. A search of other blogs revealed that you could skip the migration once (which I had done last night) and then you were SOL.

Fortunately, I just finished a major project at work yesterday, and though I've asked for new assignments, I've got next to nothing to do today.

The migration seemed to go fine at first. Pillage Idiot looked just the same as before, apart from a new font in the navbar at the top. But when I checked out the post editor, there was no toolbar and I could write only in HTML. The lack of toolbar meant no photo upload, either. Hmmmmm.

So I checked out one other theory. I closed IE and opened Blogger in Netscape. The editor suddenly was WYSIWYG. Aha! Must have something to do with the fact that my employer has locked down ActiveX controls on IE.

Normally, I don't post at work. But as I said, there's not much happening today, and I need to check out how this post stuff works in New Blogger.

P.S. What's that pink bar that appears occasionally for a fraction of a section at the bottom of the screen while I type this? Is Blogger saving a backup of the post?