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April 03, 2006

Things that amuse me

1. Jeff Goldstein channels Cynthia McKinney ordering food at an Olive Garden restaurant.

2. Fark founder Drew Curtis writes about the top 10 internet spoofs. The one I noted here was the GI Joe hostage (actually, Cody Special Ops). What was funny about it was that AP fell for the fake story.

3. Five Saudi women, "[t]ired of playing second fiddle to men in conservative Saudi Arabia," went off and had sex-change surgery abroad, according to Reuters. (Via LGF) More from Al Bawaba (which "is one of the most dynamic companies in the Middle East today, and is making a real difference in the Arab world" but still has this anti-semitic Tom and Jerry article on its homepage): "By becoming men, the women said, they would have the opportunity to enjoy those privileges denied them as Saudi females but allowed to Saudi males, including rights taken for granted in other societies, such as driving a car." The Al Bawaba article explains that most of these operations take place in India, "where the operation is preformed [sic]." Preformed? I suppose the reason these are "preformed" in India is that the Saudi women were men in their previous lives.

4. This last one really deserved its own post (borderline SFW, use discretion), but it won't get that. Make sure to scroll down. My only comment is that now I understand European bra fears.