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April 05, 2006

World's ugliest rabbit gets married

As if inter-species marriage weren't enough.

According to an article in the Telegraph (hat tip: fee simple), the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is denouncing a marriage between two giant rabbits in England, the male of which is, in my humble opinion, the ugliest rabbit in the world. (Check the photo accompanying the article.)

Now, even ugly people and critters have a fundamental constitutional right to get married. But it does really confirm that while the male of the species looks for evanescent qualities, like beauty, the female looks for power and stability.

So let's examine what the RSPCA is exercised about:

The rabbits - Roberto and Amy - are both more than 3ft long and each weighs just under three stone, and were wed in the Britain's first ever rabbit nuptials.

Roberto, aged three, is 3ft 6in long and is believed to be the biggest rabbit in the world. Organisers dressed Amy in a mini veil and a wedding band was placed around her paw.

But the RSPCA branded the stunt as "belittling" and criticised the organisers for sending out the wrong message about animals.

"We would be opposed to anything that would cause distress or suffering to animals and we are opposed to the dressing up of animals as it belittles them," Joanna Barr, RSPCA spokesperson, said.

"This puts the wrong message across. Animals are not toys to be dressed up."
I just knew it. The animal-rights wackos want to have nude rabbit weddings! Where's Pat Robertson when we need him to denounce nude rabbit weddings?

I'd like to know what happens at a rabbit wedding. Do they play rabbit organ music? Do the guests eat the bouquet that the bride throws? Does the clergyman say: "You may kiss the bride. Hey, wait, I said 'kiss,' not . . . uh, can't you wait till you go back to the hotel?"

But really, this is no joking matter. Given the astronomical rate of birth to unwed rabbits, we need to encourage marriage among lagomorphs.

Even if we must run roughshod over the RSPCA.