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April 23, 2006

The official "Is Josh Bolten Jewish?" post

I'm always getting visitors who are looking to find out whether some well known person is Jewish. Lately, a lot of these (roughly half of which have been from overseas) have been about Josh Bolten, the new White House Chief of Staff. I suppose the reason is that I had a post last month called "The 'Israel Lobby' claims yet another victory," about his appointment.

So for all of you who want to confirm that Josh Bolten is Jewish, here are:

Top Ten Signs That Josh Bolten Is Jewish

10. Staff meetings last longer on Mondays and Thursdays.

9. Has his mother on speed dial, but she still says he doesn't call enough.

8. The ring on his cell phone is "If I were a rich man."

7. Came in to the office on Purim dressed as Bibi Netanyahu.

6. His office furniture is covered with clear plastic.

5. Has two file baskets on his desk -- "To Do" and "Goyishe Kop."

4. His office is referred to by staff as "The Lobby."

3. Condoleezza Rice beats him up for his lunch money.

2. W's nickname for him is "The Mohel," because, well, you know.

1. The official White House photo of Bolten (left), following a staff meeting: