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February 13, 2007

New MBA membership announcement

Since the last time I introduced new members of the Maryland Blogger Alliance, we've expanded with four additional members, bringing us to a total of 19. To join the Alliance, email me: pillageidiot -at- hotmail -dot- com.

1. Rockin' Catoctin, based in Frederick County, has this motto: "Gently Mocking Monocacy So You Don't Have To." It's been a little quiet there for the past month, but I'm sure there will be mockable moments soon.

2. The Pubcrawler, located in nearby Gaithersburg (nearby to me, that is), looks at life from a generally libertarian perspective. At a pub near you.

3. C. Dowd's Blog, run by Charlie Dowd, is an art blog. Charlie is also a web designer.

4. Oriole Post is a blog chronicling the best major-league baseball team located in Maryland, which plays in the nicest stadium in the majors, and is owned by the majors' worst scoundrel. Lots of content here.

A belated welcome to all!