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February 08, 2007

BDS goes to MetsBlog

Earlier today, Matt Cerrone, proprietor of the invaluable, cited a NY Post article on David Wright's dinner with President Bush. The article noted: "The Mets All-Star third baseman was invited to a 'baseball dinner' along with San Diego's Trevor Hoffman, Toronto's Vernon Wells, Cubs manager Lou Piniella, broadcaster Tim McCarver and journalist George Will." Wright was allowed to bring his father to the White House. The article quoted Wright about how exciting it was to meet and dine with the President and to see the Oval Office.

You won't be surprised to learn, New York being a deep blue state, that Cerrone's readers immediately weighed in with anti-Bush comments. The first was: "Wright shoulda smacked George W. in the head, for the sake of America." And it went down hill from there. My favorite exchange went like this. One commenter: "Unfortunately, most baseball players (and professional athletes in general) seem to be Republican. Remember when Piazza compared meeting Rush Limbaugh to meeting George Washington? I still cringe about that." Next commenter: "amen. if i find out that d-wright is a republican i dont know what im going to do."

Stop rooting for the man, that's what you'll do -- "for the sake of America."