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February 11, 2007

An explanation for RSS feed weirdness

Those of you who subscribe to my feed may have noticed something strange this morning. A few of my posts from previous weeks have suddenly materialized without any obvious updates.

Late last night, I experimented with modifying a couple of labels on posts written under New Blogger and adding a label to the last post I wrote under Old Blogger. Although Pillagemail picked up the difference and sent out only my one new post, the RSS feed shows these modified posts as new.

There must be a workaround, and I'll have to search for one or else abandon the effort to give labels to Old Blogger posts. If you have a workaround, please email me (pillageidiot -at- hotmail -dot- com) or leave a note in the comments.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I called on Aditya Mukherjee again, who advised me to create a "pipe" through Yahoo Pipes that organized the feed by publication date and substitute the feed so that my subscribers will get the new feed. I think it works, but if you're getting the feed with older posts at or near the top, please let me know.