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February 15, 2007

Gov. O'Malley does NOT read Pillage Idiot

Last month, after getting stuck in a massive traffic jam on I-95 in an inch of snow, and having to cancel my wife's and daughter's trip out of town because we couldn't get to BWI in time, I got pissed off with our new governor, the estimable Martin O'Malley, for not clearing the damn roads.

So I did what any smartass blogger would do. I called for his impeachment.

I noted that it was four days after he took office. But we should impeach him now, I wrote, before he did anything seriously bad. In an update the following day, I posted a screencap of a visit to my post from someone working at state offices in Annapolis, and I said, "Hello, Governor!"

Now, maybe the stupidity of the posts at Pillage Idiot is very subtle, and maybe you have to read this blog regularly before you can tell when I'm pulling your leg, but I rather doubt it. So I was a little surprised to see that my post had been the subject of a thread started yesterday at the Baltimore Sun news forums. The thread title was "Big Lil' Brother Gov O'Malley is watching your posts." The lead post suggested that the governor had his staff monitoring hostile blogs. Other posts tossed about random allegations for and against the governor. Still others said, in essence, that I'm a moron. I tried to sign up for the forum to point out that people were taking me a little too seriously, but it takes at least a day to be authorized to post, and as of right now, I'm still not authorized.

So instead, I placed an update at the beginning of the linked post on impeachment, letting one and all know it was meant to be a joke, arising out of real frustration with the poor response to the snowfall, and eventually someone copied my update into the forum thread.

I think I'm going to have to institute a warning system here with a bunch of different smilies to indicate the level of seriousness intended. That last sentence may have been sarcasm, or at least irony, because I absolutely hate smilies and never use them. (The last half of the preceding sentence is serious. As is the sentence preceding this one -- and this one itself.)

Phew! (Mild humor.) Enjoy your weekend. (Serious.)