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October 11, 2006

Short takes

1. Brady disclosure prevents prosecutors from hiding things. This guy took that a bit too literally. His lawyer says he forgot his meds. "'Scott Blauvelt is an American with a disability,' [the lawyer] said."

2. Tie your bras across the river to support the fight against breast cancer. This is really big. Big.

While news of Big Country's bra hunt just hit the airwaves, donated bras are already taking over the studios. Organizers are also putting out collection boxes at places like the Susquehanna Valley Mall. The mall even dyed the fountain pink and will donate all the change thrown in this month to the cause.
Next up: Tie your shorts across the Grand Canyon to fight testicular cancer.

3. Speaking of the Grand Canyon, look what can be removed from a 14-year-old girl's private regions -- if she's possessed by a jinn. You'll need to watch the entire video, but it's worth it.

(First two items via BOTWT, third via HotAir)