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October 17, 2006

The Mets' prospects against the Cardinals

When you have exactly one serious starting pitcher who's not injured (Tom Glavine), one who pitched a few good games in the second half of the season (John Maine), and basically no one else, it's pretty amazing that you've won two of the first four games of the championship series, no matter how good your hitting and your bullpen.

In Jayson Stark's column, Rick Peterson, the Mets' pitching coach, has a wonderful take on the rest of the series:

"The best way to phrase where we stand [for Game 7] is this," Peterson said. "Tom Glavine is starting Game 5, and the only guy who is not available is John Maine, because he's starting Game 6. … Then John Maine will start Game 6, and everybody but Tom Glavine at that point is available for Game 6. And then we'll see who's available for Game 7."