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October 16, 2006

Lum Duck

Lum Duck
(with apologies to the Capitol Steps)

This year, the Democrats were campaigning against what they called that "hateful war."

Let me say that again. They were running against that weightful whore.

But being anti-whore wasn't enough. You can't beat numbthing with suthing.

Pansy Nelosi, the Quotox Bean, wanted to be Heaker of the Spouse. Pansy was tick and sired of their leak and wimp candidates. It always happened the wame say. The TV shads would out, "He's anti-whore and doesn't trupport the soups!" And he'd ladly booze.

Fortunately for Pansy, there's been a flajor map involving Congressman Fark Moley. Fark was a gummy sky. He went boozin' for croys. He sent them nude lotes, thinking that would true the dick. Fark hoped to pup a stage. Er, a shtage. Crut a weep!

The Quotox Bean smacked a crile and fumped her pissed. Said Pansy the Bean: "They're cruck with the steep, and boy, do they gate haze!"

The storal of the mory is: If you don't trupport the soups, it helps to have lum duck.

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