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October 26, 2006

But they support the troops?

I was driving late this afternoon and turned the AM radio on. Sean Hannity's show was winding down, and a woman calling from California mentioned something so appalling that I wrote her local TV station's call letters on my finger when I reached a stop sign, and I looked this up at home.

Here's a video from the news on KMPH in Fresno about Cindy Sheehan's visit to the city. The news report interviews Robin Butterfield, the mother of Tony Butterfield, who was killed in Iraq a few months ago. Ms. Butterfield and others were protesting Sheehan's visit. She says, "I want to make sure people know how proud I am that my son was out there defending us, how proud I am to live in America."

Toward the end, you see a man identified as a member of Peace Fresno confronting the protesters. It's a little hard to hear exactly, but as far as I can tell, this is how the confrontation goes.

Man: How many people have lost somebody in the military?

Crowd: [Affirmative noises.]

Man: Died?

Voice: Yes.

Man: How?

Voice: He saved a hundred other marines.

Crowd: Yeah!

Man: Well, that wasn't hard. They go out and kill and rape. They sodomize children in front of their parents.
But he supports the troops. Right.

UPDATE: HotAir has a link to Tony Butterfield's obit and another link to the Peace Fresno press release about Sheehan's visit.