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October 12, 2006

Idiota del pillaje?

"Idiota del pillaje" means "Pillage Idiot" in Spanish. At least, I think it does.

My Kim Jong Il photoshop the other day was picked up by several blogs, including one in Spain, called Eurabian News, which is written entirely -- and I think someone should investigate this outrage -- in Spanish.

The post there is titled "Apacig√ľamiento," which I think means "Appeasement." The text of the post appears to mean something like this: "Election poster for the evil Bush. The egg has been put. This was Clinton's secretary of state." The middle sentence seems to be some idiom that my personal translator, who's currently working on her homework, couldn't figure out.

If anyone is able to clarify that, please post in the comments or email me directly.

UPDATE (10/13): In the comments, AMDG (the author of the post) translates the middle sentence:

The middle sentece means "they have given him a good oportunity". Of course "malvado" is ironic, I am criticising Clinton´s appeasement.
I understood the irony, and I'm glad I now understand the rest.