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March 04, 2008

Top ten Obama bumper stickers

Now that I've done one serious post on Obama, I can get back to the stupidity.

Herewith, the top ten Obama bumper stickers.

10. OBAMA - Befriending Our Enemies Since 2004

9. Barack And Michelle - Buy One, Get One Free

8. It's Hussein - What's YOUR Middle Name, Smartass?

7. OBAMA '08 - Because Experience Is Not An Option

6. OBAMA - Getting Beyond Race, Honky!

5. B.O. - Not Just Another Aroma

4. OBAMA - Criticize Me AT YOUR OWN RISK!

3. OBAMA - A Savvy Leader * / * Note: Does Not Apply To Real Estate

2. OBAMA = JESUS / But With A Happy Ending

And the Number One Obama bumper sticker is:

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