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March 09, 2008

Carnival of Maryland -- 28th edition

The 28th edition of the Carnival of Maryland -- our special "Daylight Saving Time"* edition -- is up at Crablaw's Maryland Weekly. I thought of calling it the "opinionated" edition, because Bruce, bless him, is never shy in expressing his opinion. What makes him special, of course, is that neither right nor left is safe. Nice job, Bruce.

The 29th edition is scheduled for Sunday, March 23, to be hosted here at Pillage Idiot, unless another Maryland blogger decides to volunteer to host it instead.

Send in your submissions by using the Blog Carnival form. No matter who ends up hosting, I'll have it set up to send your submissions to the right person.

* I was brought up calling it Daylight Savings Time, plural, but then again, I grew up in the New York area. We spoke a different language there. Fuhgeddaboudit.