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March 04, 2008

Short linkfest

I have another post coming up tonight, so this is just a short linkfest.

1. Moses on drugs? Yeah, that Moses. Well, it sure explains a few things, like that red heifer stuff.

2. I'll leave this one to Ace: "Japanese Model Gets Off Due To Large Breasts." (That's the real headline of the news item, by the way, not just of Ace's post.) To encourage you to click through, let me say that, yes, there is a photo at Ace's, plus another at the link at Ace's post, plus a larger version of the latter at a link at the link. Follow that? I don't know anything about the Japanese legal system, but the idea that you can show off your breasts to prove you couldn't fit through a hole is bizarre. It reminds me of this video of a game of Japanese human Tetris.

3. Yes, Hillary did put the media in the men's room next to the urinals. The video proves it.