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August 23, 2007

Tending the lawn

It's a business you probably would want a part of.

It doesn't call for women in bikinis to serve you your morning coffee, but it does offer bikini-clad women to mow your lawn. (There's even a video to accompany the story, though you have to endure a 30-second commercial first.)

The story's a bit old, but the business, Tiger Time Lawn Care, located in Tennessee, is back in the news again: "Backlash against owner of bikini lawn care company." At least one resident is upset with the bikini-clad women tending the lawns, and he's pulling his kids out of the sports league that Lee Cathey, the owner of Tiger Time, is involved in. "'It's an act of perversion,' said Dewayne Lufcy. 'It's degrading to women.'" Cathey responds: "It's no different than going to the beach. It's no different than seeing models on the runway." (There's a video there, too, if you're willing to endure another commercial.)

On a vaguely related topic, we hear what a female attorney has to say about inappropriate attire of women at the office: "What cleavage tells the world about a woman's brain." The point, with which I generally agree, is that women should dress conservatively at the office. But she goes on to make some broader points, and you should take a look at the comments section, where readers are going absolutely nuts, being personally insulted, calling her a racist, and so on.

I don't know about cleavage, but what you write in a comments section definitely says something about your brain.

(both stories via Fark)